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How To Register with EVEMONDE?

Please click here.

You can register with any of these options below:

-Log in with PayPal

-Log in with Facebook

-Log in with Google

-Register by entering your email address and a password


Note: Remember to activate your account by clicking the link we sent you by email.

If you haven’t gotten any email from us, please take a look at your spam or junk folder.

Please feel to contact us if you need any help.

What Are The Advantages of Having a EVEMONDE Account?

First of all, it is easy! Create an account with us and enjoy the following advantages:

1.Check the status of your current order and keep track of previous orders.

2.Contact Customer Service easily regarding order update, and general assistance.

3.Gain points, when you register for the first time EVEMONDE and use them as a discount.

4.Save your shipping and payment details for a faster checking out process.

5.Add an item to “My Wish list” that you can buy easily in the future.

Create a EVEMONDE account Now!

How To Update My Account Information?

Under My Account > Edit Profile, click Personal Information. You will land on a screen that will allow you to change your Gender, Phone number, and the Nickname associated with your account.

How To Update My Address Book?

To update or add a shipping address in your address book, please proceed as follows:

1.Log in your account here

2 .Then click on Address Book

How To Check My Order Details in My Account ?

Regarding this issue, please take the following steps:

1.Make sure that you log in to your account with the correct E-mail address. Once you have created an account with us, we will send you a notification. You may check in your mailbox.

2.Please check your PayPal account to see if you placed the order through PayPal directly. If so, you can find the “Invoice ID” in the payment information, which is your EVEMONDE order number.

Note: If you have ordered through PayPal, your order information will not appear in your EVEMONDE account. Our site will register an account for you with your PayPal email address automatically, and then send the password to your mailbox. So please login in with your PayPal email address and check the order information.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you need further help.

I Forgot My Password!

1.Select the “Forgot your password?” option on the Sign In page.

2.Complete the information regarding your registration details and input the verification code.

3.You will received an E-mail from EVEMONDE on how to reset your password.

How To Change My Password?

Under My Account>> Edit Profile, click “Change Password”. You will be able to enter a new password.


How To Solve Login and Password Issues?

If you’re having trouble logging in, you may be entering incorrect information.

Please check the following details:

1.Clear Your Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Your Internet browser’s “Help” menu will have instructions for how to clear the cache and cookies.

 CAPS Lock and NUM Lock on Your Keyboard

Passwords are case sensitive, so “PASSWORD” and “Password” are recognized as two different passwords.

  1. Incorrect E-mail Address

Your e-mail address must be in this format: [email protected] (or .net, .org, .Edu, etc.). If you have more than one e-mail address, be sure that you’re using the correct e-mail address and password combination for the account you are trying to access. Also, if your computer is set to auto-complete the e-mail, make sure it’s the correct e-mail address listed.

3.Incorrect Password

Please take the following steps to reset your password

1). Click Forgot Your Password.

2). Follow the on-screen instructions:

Copy the letters or number from a picture in the text entry box called “ Access code” and then click “ Continue” .

3).Please go to your email box, you will have received a new password for your EVEMONDE account. If you haven’t received our email after 2 minutes, please check your spams or junk emails. Our email may have landed there.

How To Log in with PayPal, Facebook or Google Account ?

Yes, you can log into EVEMONDE with your Facebook, PayPal or Google account. EVEMONDE will not collect any extra data or post anything on your social media account without your explicit permission. Additionally we will not share your information with any third party.

Enjoy Shopping with EVEMONDE.

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