Payment Verification Procedure

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Payment Verification Procedure


  1. Why am I being asked to “Verify” my payment?

Because your order has been held for a standard anti-fraud check by EveMonde.

“But I already gave you my payment details – why do you need anything more?”

Sometimes, unfortunately, thieves gain access to people’s credit card details or PayPal accounts.

The thieves often try to use the stolen details to pay for products bought online. When you pay us your credit card or bank card payment is processed by a third party (ie PayPal, GC or other payment companies) and not by EveMonde directly. Therefore we have not seen any of your financial details or your credit card details.

This is why we have to confirm whether the payment was authorized by the payment account holder or not. To protect everyone against a small number of fraudsters, we have to complete these ID verifications with customers randomly.

  1. What can I do next so that you process my order?

You need to reply to us and send us:

Proof that you are the person who paid the order.

Or, if the order was paid by someone else, proof that the card holder made/authorized the payment.

  1. What documents do I need to provide?

You need to provide 2 types of documents, the picture of the payer’s credit card and the payer’s ID proof. The pictures should be clear, in color and with a size below 2 MB.

(1). the payer’s credit card picture (in color)

Please SHOW the following details:

– The 4 last numbers

– The expiry date

– The cardholder’s name

Please refer to the example below;



Credit card example

(2). A picture proving the payer’s ID and displaying his name (in color) such as:






Please SHOW the following details:

– The full name

– The expiry date (document must be valid)

– The person’s face

– The person’s signature

– The person’s address if applicable

Please HIDE

– The ID/Passport/Driving license number

– The Date of birth

Please refer to this example below



Driver license example

This is a one-time check only. Once we confirm the order we will process it right away.

  1. What type of documents will you refuse?

We will refuse blurry picture, or pictures that are so small pictures that we cannot read clearly.

  1. How can I protect my privacy?

HIDE any sensitive data such as date of birth, ID, Driver and passport’s number. The name must be shown clearly.

  1. Once you have my documents what will you do?

We will review it and delete them from our system. We will not share nor sell any of your details to a third party.

  1. How can I make sure you are not a fraudster?

We are a registered company that has been around for several years. We are here to work with you in the long term. We are certified “PayPal Verified” as you can see on our homepage.

  1. When do I need to answer and provide you the documents?


We expect your reply with the documents within 3 business days after we sent the message. We are grateful for your collaboration and understanding. Thank you!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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